Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taco Tuesday

Gap jeans, Modern Vintage boots, Forever 21 tee, BCBG leather jacket

On Tuesday afternoon, I met up with Christine and her friend Lauren who was visiting from Maryland for the week. As usual, we went to Cabo Cantina in Venice/Marina del Rey for their all you can eat tacos, steak nachos and 2 for 1 happy hour special. Christine and I did the grandma special and split the 2 for 1 red wine order. Gabe and I lived 3 blocks from Cabo Cantina up until May of last year and it still holds a special place in our hearts. It may not have the best bathroom situation (unisex single stalls and often long lines), but you can't beat the prices or the steak nachos.


Christine said...

Grandma special! hahaha! That's always a winner. I would say that "holds a special place in our hearts" is probably an understatement. At least for you.

Kate's Rant said...

Ho'd up!!! Does this mean you went to taco tues w/o me?!? ;)