Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buy This, Not That

Forever 21
Pleasure Doing Business

As we all know, bandage skirts and dresses are a big hit among Hollywood celebrities. Word on the street is that they not only work with your body like a pair of Spanx, but they flatter all figures. No wonder all the celebs wear them! The Forever 21 skirt comes in blue, black and grey. I can't wait to check them out in person.


Gabriel said...

I'm not sure what Spanx are but you have to love a good bargain.

Anonymous said...

The F21 one looks great!

i'm a tol man. said...

i have friends at F21. one word. two syllables. "DISCOUNTS!"

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Ooooh great picks =) I love forever 21 skirts. and 10 bucks is such an amazing price. I'm with you though, I want to try it on in person.

Thanks for your comment! The dress is incredibly expensive (fantasy..)! It is a Dries Van Noten circle print dress. I'm sure a less expensive version can be found somewhere. I'll try to be better about listing the "who's who" from now on!

Thanks again!

Kate's Rant said...

No WAY!!! I just squeezed my butt into one of these when I was in NY. They sell them (and I thought this was an unbelievable deal when comparing to the real-deal Herve Leger version) at Intermix for $138! Can't believe you found one (and a CUTE one at that!) for under $10 bucks!! Leave it to you!!

*note* I wouldn't necessarily say ALL figures. I felt like my thighs were squeezing out from underneath :( Then at the last minute I did a wardrobe change because I started visualized the bands' stitching bursting and my fat oozing out like a ham! Eeeek! hahahaha All derrieres do look amazing in that skirt though.