Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scammed by a Girl Scout

I went to see a movie with Jessica over the weekend at the Century City mall and stumbled upon a Girl Scout Cookie kiosk. I was trying to avoid this particular tradition this year, but when faced with an entire kiosk full of Samoas, Shortbread cookies, and Tagalongs, I broke down and decided to buy some. As I approached the cookies, one of the Girl Scouts said, "We're having a special today, 5 boxes for $20!" While I had only planned on buying one or two boxes, I felt like I had to buy five boxes to get the "special deal". After I had handed over my $20, I heard another woman walk up and ask a second Girl Scout how much the boxes cost and she said, "$4 a box". WHAT??? That wasn't a special deal at all! I couldn't believe it, I had been scammed by a Girl Scout...And I didn't even see it coming. I wonder if they get a badge for that sort of thing these days.


Gabriel said...

Of course, its the Grifting Merit Badge. But, those cookies were delicious!

Christine said...

That's too funny!

Sara said...

PS. The boxes are about 50% of the normal size. Double scam.