Monday, March 15, 2010


Gabe with his driving cap. Keep your eyes on the road, Gabe.
Over the weekend, Gabe and I went to Fresno to see my family and some old friends. I grew up in Fresno so for me I consider it "going home" for the weekend. It's always such a fun experience to make the trip home and it seems to evoke wonderful memories and strong feelings of nostalgia. Gabe and I made the road trip on Friday with cinnamon bears, red vines, trail mix, and Diet Cokes in tow. During the four hour drive, Gabe and I get very creative in order to pass the time. These are some of our favorite car games/pass times.

The Book of Questions
making up funny songs and car dances
eye spy (Kati and Bunz also love this game)
Six degrees of Kevin Bacon
name that movie using quotes from our favorites (I only know about 5 movies, but I know them well)
eating lots of snacks
chewing bubble gum and having bubble blowing contests
having deep discussions about reality television shows (we're currently discussing American Idol)

What are your favorite road trip games?


Sniff said...

Don't have any games as I very seldom go on road trips. But I just had to comment on his driving cap - it looks really cool! :)

Valerie said...

Thanks, Sniff! Gabe loves that cap and wears it all the time.