Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Best Bikini in Town

Women's String-Bikini Tops $16.50
Women's String-Bikini Bottoms $16.50
Women's Jersey Tube Sundown Gowns $20 (sale)
Women's Hammered Metallic Rings $7.50
Women's Pyramid-Embossed Flip-Flops $3.50

I know this is a bold statement, but hear me out before you make any assessments. Hands down, Old Navy has the best string bikini around. During the summer, I spend the majority of my free time at the beach and therefore practically live in bikinis and sundresses when the weather is warm (at least on the weekends). Every year, I'm on the lookout for the perfect bikini and every year I'm appalled by the price tag on every swimsuit I find. But tried and true, Old Navy always comes through for me and provides the perfect string bikini at the right price. They fit well, machine wash nicely, and have cute styles look great all summer long. You can almost always find a coupon code or sale somewhere online to make it even cheaper. The rest of the clothes at Old Navy are very inconsistent in my opinion. Once in a great while I'll find a sundress, sweater, or tank top that I can't live without and wear as if it's my uniform, but these cases are rare for me. So go for the bikinis and take a look around. But go early, they sell out fast.


Sniff said...

Lovely outfit and wonderful colors! Something I would totally wear myself.

Fashion Chalet said...

Great blog!

I love the post :)


Kate's Rant said...

I LOVE that bikini!!!! Who wants to spend $200 on a bathing suit when you need to have several and have to have new ones every Summer!?! That's half the fun!!! Can't wait for the sun and surfing!!! :)

Katie said...

Totally agree about Old Navy. Sometimes I find something unexpectedly that is great for the price, and sometimes it looks bad after just a few wears. I have lucked out with swimwear before, and of course it's a great price. Cute picks!

Kristin said...

That is so adorable. Time to pay Ms. Michaels and her Shred dvd a visit again for moi!

Jessica said...

I agree on the Old Navy sentiments. I have a few staple summer bikinis from there as well, and will be looking online for more shortly. It's a great feeling to get out of a store having spent less than $30!

PS On the splurge/steal note- I think I need to go with you to Forever 21. I never have as much luck as you do other than in the accessory store. I think I need a little more patience and someone to show me the way through the teeny bopper aisles for the hidden treasures and I know you are JUST the person for this :)

sevendollarpants said...

Great bikiner advice - I actually just bought a onzie from Old Navy and it's really cute.