Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big News

This was a few weeks ago, at 3 months pregnant.

After taking a much needed break from blogging, I'm happy to be back (albeit more sporadically) and excited to share our big news with everyone.  Gabe and I are expecting a baby in November!  We're overjoyed to be starting a family and aside from a ton of morning sickness, a little insomnia, and some serious nacho cravings, everything is going great.  

And...we're moving to Michigan in July!  Gabe accepted his ideal job at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and we'll be living in either Birmingham or Royal Oak.  We're planning a visit there in a few weeks to decide on a place to live and can't wait to get acquainted with the area (our last visit seen here).  Thank you to everyone who checked in on me when I wasn't posting.  I really appreciated all the sweet messages I received from you.