Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Says You Can't Go Home

Aqua (Bloomgindales) Blazer, Forever 21 tee
Kylee and Gabe having a deep conversation

Uncle Johnnie and Kylee playing airplane
Kylee loves my parents' new dog, Shelby
Vince and Johnnie (my brothers). Johnnie's wearing his sweet new vintage Ray-Bans from Vince and Barbara.
Lucia, Sissy, and Johnnie
Everyone loves taking a picture with the DJ
Lucia and the DJ
Johnnie with the DJ
Our weekend in Fresno was filled with family, friends, and birthday celebrations. We celebrated my little brother Johnnie's 24th birthday on Saturday and I was able to see my niece Kylee (along with the rest of my family) which is always so exciting for me. We also had lunch with our friends Sarah and Chase and made it to Lucia's sister Lisa's 40th Birthday party after dinner at my parents' house. One of the highlights of the night was watching the DJ who sang and danced alone outside during the entire party. We finally noticed him and gave him the credit he deserved for being the true life of the party. It reminded Johnnie and me of this clip from Happy Gilmore.


Gabriel said...

It looks like the DJ knew he was the life of the party. I feel a bit foolish for wearing my driving cap indoors. The clip is hilarious!

Kate's Rant said...

Haha!!! Love the DJ props. What is the adorable boyfriend blazer you're wearing in the first pic!??

Valerie said...

Thanks, Kati! The blazer is Aqua from Bloomingdales.