Thursday, March 11, 2010

Best Cheap Restaurants in L.A.

I'm sure you've all heard me rave about Doughboys. The portions are enormous, the menu is extensive, and the red velvet cake is the best in town. Make sure to try the French Onion Soup or the Pulled Pork Sandwich (both are the size of your torso) and you won't be disappointed. If you go on the weekends, there will be a line. Save yourself the time and go on a weeknight for a casual/inexpensive dinner (no corkage fees) and be sure to try the red velvet cake!

Although Bay Cities is more of a Deli than a Restaurant, I think it deserves a place on this list. The crowds at this place are intense and for good reason. Do yourself a favor and order online ahead of time to avoid the lines. Make sure to try the Godmother on the Italian Roll (Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Coppacola, Ham, Prosciutto, Provolone, and the most delicious Italian dressing) and order yourself a large. Who are you kidding.

Sham is one of my new neighborhood favorites, as it's walking distance from our apartment in Santa Monica. They serve Mediterranean/Syrian food that will leave you wanting more. The Kabobs, Shawarma, and homemade pita bread will melt in your mouth. They also do not charge a corkage fee, so bring your own wine and enjoy a flavorful laid-back dinner for a reasonable price. But don't make the mistake of planning to go on a Monday because they're closed. I learned this the hard way.

If you're in the mood to eat a lot of meat, Baby Blues is your friend. Their Southern style Barbecue is the best around. All entrees come with 2 "fixins" and corn bread, which leads to a very large meal. Go with a group and order the "Feed Bags" so you can taste everything. My favorites Platters are the Memphis Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, and the Grilled Shrimp. The best "Fixins" are the Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, Blues on the Cob, and Sauteed Okra. When we leave here, we're usually so full and our pants fit a bit tighter. My favorite kind of place!

While El Tarasco is certainly not known for the ambiance, it's infamous for good Mexican food. The best thing on the menu is the Burrito Super Deluxe with Carnitas. You'll love it so much that you'll finish it and then feel like you're going to vomit. It's awesome.

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Gabriel said...

That was the serious low-down on good eats, now I'm hungry! You nailed it!

Christine said...

I want to try some of these places! Maybe next time I'm on the westside:)

Sarah said...

i'm starving after reading all these! yum!

Kate's Rant said...

Thank you times 2. One thank you is sincere because who can't use a few good, cheap, dinner ideas? The second is a sneering, sarcastic one because I was already hungry enough!!! I'm sitting here eating my weight in peanuts! Doesn't really taste like red velvet, grrr. I'm seriously afraid I may start gnawing on my cabinets!! Of COURSE, I've eaten at every one of these places except Sham, so I'd better add it to my list :) Mmmmm!!