Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tapas, Wine, and Connect Four

In reminiscence of our trip to Spain in 2006, my husband and I decided to have a tapas date last night. We walked around our neighborhood in Santa Monica and had a few tapas and a glass of wine at different restaurants. Our first stop was Border Grill for happy hour (the lamb tacos were delicious). Next on the list was Bar Pintxo (an actual Spanish Tapas restaurant) for more wine, flat bread pizza, more lamb, and bacon wrapped dates. For the first time in my life, I understood what my mom means when she says, "That's SO rich, I cannot take another bite". I never thought it would happen to me, it must be a sign of my age. Then we were off to West 4th/Jane for our last glass of wine and connect four! I absolutely love games, so I was thrilled to see the bar tables covered in plastic game pieces and connect four boards. A bar that comes with board games? Thank you, God! Unfortunately for me, Gabe was more skilled in his connect four and he beat me almost every time.

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Christine said...

haha! When I first saw the pics I thought you brought your own game with you! That sounds like so much fun. Oh no! I can't believe you thought the food was rich. I never thought that would happen to you either:( Hope you're not losing your touch... But knowing you, your idea of tapas is probably more like an eating competition.