Monday, February 15, 2010

The Best Valentine's Day Surprise

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and Gabe and I went for a Valentine's Day walk down to the park overlooking the beach in Santa Monica. As we were walking home from the park, we decided to take a different route and fortuitously stumbled upon the Sprinkles mobile truck! I had heard about this truck, but never actually encountered it and was starting to believe it was an urban legend. Well, I'm obviously now a believer and of course I had to buy a vanilla and a red velvet cupcake for myself (Gabe doesn't care for cake; he's on the "strictly pie" dessert plan). This was the best Valentine's Day surprise ever! I seriously couldn't believe my luck. Then we went home and I made this recipe for oreo kisses/truffles for the first time which were delicious! We cooked dinner together, ate lots of sweets, played gin rummy, and watched episodes of 30 Rock on DVD. It was the perfect Valentine's Day.

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Christine said...

Awwwww! It's meant to be with you and Sprinkles!