Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mattress Shopping

Gabe and I tackled the much dreaded mattress shopping experience yesterday. We spent about two hours lying on almost every bed in the store. The activity both reaffirmed our suspicions that our current bed is terribly uncomfortable and also made us very sleepy (we can both fall asleep anywhere). I wondered what the salesman would do if he came back to check on us and found us asleep on one of his floor models. After all our hard work, we finally found a mattress that suited us and were chomping at the bit to get it home and sleep on it. However, the delivery date is a week away! Gabe could not get over this and talked about how disappointed he was for the rest of the day (poor Gabe doesn't get much sleep). At least we know it's on its way and we can cross that off the list (I love lists).


Christine said...

Jeff and I also did this recently. Since my foot was broken I just rolled from one bed to the next all the way through the store! Love the new leggings and are those your black havaianas slims?

Valerie Schnickel said...

I can totally picture you rolling around the mattress store! Yes, those are the new black slims. I love them.