Thursday, February 18, 2010

Act like a "Grown-up"

photo by Raya Carlisle

As we all know, there's a huge difference in being an "adult" and being a "grown-up". While I've technically been an adult for 12 years, I seem to waffle back and forth between feeling like a grown-up and feeling like a kid. I often comment to Gabe about what makes me feel grown-up and he laughs at me and thinks I'm silly. Maybe some of you can relate. These are the things that make me feel like a grown-up:

-always having fresh (non-expired) milk and eggs in the refrigerator
-creating a budget for us and actually following it
-cooking entire dinners from scratch
-having dinner parties (even if that just means having Bunz, Kati and Sarah over for turkey chili and eating dinner on our coffee table)
-having a few (although very few) accessories that won't turn my skin green
-going to Target and only buying exactly what I had on my list (I've only done this once, but I was so proud of myself)
-having a washer/dryer in our apartment unit
-having a savings account
-being married
-understanding the importance of sunblock, vitamins, and getting enough sleep
-realizing that my parents know a lot more than I do and actually listening to them when they give me advice
-feeling comfortable with less (or no) makeup

What makes you feel like a grown-up?

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