Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog Titles

After deciding to create a blog, the biggest hurdle is committing to a title. I thought of all my favorite things in the world and tried to decide on a name that wasn't already taken by another blogger. So I called my friend of 25 years, Lucia, and asked what my blog should be named. She immediately said, "CANDY FOR BREAKFAST". Unfortunately that was already taken, but my red vine obsession brought me to "Red Vines for Breakfast" instead. While I don't eat red vines for breakfast every morning, I have been known to eat candy for breakfast on occasion (especially as a child). Lucia is particularly aware of this because I used to often eat her "special" candy stash on early mornings when sleeping over at her house. I had a terrible habit of being the first person awake and while trying to occupy myself at 5am, I'd eat all the candy from her Easter basket, Christmas stocking, etc. Then she'd wake up and I'd laugh and laugh. That basically sums it all up about me. Maybe I should have called someone else to help me with blog titles...


georgia~gigi said...

Oh Valerie, loved this! Often wondered about the title! Too cute!
gi gi

Stephanie said...

hi there. i just discovered your blog (via Torie's.) i always go back to the beginning when i find a new blog that i like... love your title. i've also been known to eat candy for breakfast (lunch and dinner too...) the title of my blog was born out of the phrase scrumdiddlyumptious from willy wonka. look forward to reading your blog. =)