Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Color Purple

I've been in love with purple practically since birth. From my lavender banana seat bike when I was 5 to my purple velvet formal dress when I was 14, I'll always think of purple fondly. While my taste has grown and changed over the years, gorgeous purple dresses and accessories (such as these below) still make me swoon. In recent years, I've been more than happy to reintroduce this color into my life as a wardrobe staple.

1. Rebecca Taylor Pin Dot Runway Dress $275
2. French Connection T-Wizard Cotton Dress $152
3. Alice + Olivia Sequined Keyhole-Back Mini Dress $495
4. Just Cavalli dress $381
5. Hunter Wellington Eggplant Rubber Boot $115
6. Michael Kors Resin Bracelet Watch $180
7. Havaianas Slim $21.99
8. Fergie Nacho $93.95
9. OPI Do you Lilac It $5.09 (sale)
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutch $298


Gabriel said...

Purple is probably perfect, perpetually practical, poetically pretty, probably playful and pedictably passionate. I remember your purple polka dotted doo-rag you wore when I fell for you.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's so funny; I never realized how much I adored purple myself until I started to notice that almost everything I choose at shops as of late has been a varying shade of purple. It's just gorgeous. A true color for royals, if you ask me. And I want that OPI Do You Lilac It polish!! :)

Katie said...

Gorgeous picks, I love purple :)

Responded to your comment over on my blog if you didn't already see it! :)

Devon said...

Great choices! I love purple x

Viva La Fashion said...

i adore the color purple. :)

Kate's Rant said...

Purple is the perfect color for a handbag. I've been saying that for over 5 years. They used to be very hard to find so I have several in varying shades of Ox Blood, but a deeeeeep royal blue or purple is perfect. Goes with black, brown, blue, everything! Also, psyched to see that my nail polish is on sale for five bucks! Whooo hoo!!!

Bren said...

Love that Alice + Olivia sparkly number! My favorite purples are makeup! Icon Eyes pencil liner by MAC (inky-purple) and Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Eggplant Shimmer. Gorgeous for green or hazel eyes!

Leslie said...

I LOVE Purple too!! I actually posted that same Marc by Marc bag on my blog too! We think alike!! Btw... I am now a happy follower!! :)

Anonymous said...

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