Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Television

30 Rock

Every year in September I set my dvr to record almost every new show and give each one about 10 minutes to prove itself as a contender. Needless to say, during the month of September I'm very busy watching lots of television. But over the course of a few weeks, I sort through them, weed out those that have lost my interest, and set my official Fall television list. These are the shows on my current dvr list. What's on yours?

My Generation
Lone Star
30 Rock
Gossip Girl
Modern Family


Anonymous said...

I love Modern Family - so hilarious! You and Carrie have me wanting to check out My Generation. New shows make me nervous. I dont want to love it and then it goes off the air!

Anna Walker said...

Modern Family (sometimes)
Cougar Town
How I Met Your Mother
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Brothers and Sisters.

I think that is all :)
P.S. Did you really write this at 1:00 AM?

Krystal said...

:( I have none, sigh...besides Friends because it's one of the only shows in english here!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh I so need to start watching some cool shows...I love Modern Family:)...Kisses,sweetie
Ps:Thanks for the list...I am going to check them out:)

Cara said...

I never "get into" shows...I watched Modern Family a few times and loved it, but I always forget when it is on :/

Chas said...

My favorites are Glee, Running Wilde, and Modern Family!

Lisa Griffin said...

i adore modern family, still deciding on my generation, and ilooove cougar town! these others i haven't checked out yet, oh and glee!

nikki said...

Modern Fam and Gossip Girl are 2 of my favorites!!!
I'm the same way about Sept television!


Legs said...

Oh I love Modern Family!! :D That's the only one on your list that I watch actually. ;) I'm big into the Wednesday and Thursday night comedies, Jersey Shore, and my all-time favorite: Biggest Loser. Hope your Thursday is going well. It's rainy and gross here in DC. :(

Anonymous said...

Good to know! i don't watch any tv, I just buy on dvd much later... GG is my favourite!

its simple love said...

I love love love Modern Family! And community! You have to watch Community. Love. Glee is a given, you are crazy if you don't watch that. And I think it's probably crazy I have never seen Gossip Girl. wow.


p.s. It's the last day to enter my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway!!!

Josie said...

Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Chuck (one of my all-time favorites!), and I MUST reiterate Rachael's call for Community; it's hysterical!
xo Josie

Andrea said...

I have been getting into Gossip Girl more lately, buyt my show du jour is Keeping up with the Kardashians. I love those girls!

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

Modern Family
Project Runway
Drop dead diva (hopefully coming soon)
Dancing with the stars ( I know I can't help it)

We have dvr a few new ones that we will be checking out this month. I'm going to have to check out Community....

Gabriel said...

Its funny, every time I turn on the TV this time of year the DVR tells me that it is about to change the channel to record some new show. You really do record everything in the fall. I'm sticking with Modern Family and don't forget about 30 Rock.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE gossip girl and 90210. :) Thats a good idea though :)

Jammer said...

Just started watching modern family and i never want to stop!! I havent seen lone star yet but i like the sound of it!

Ashley said...

Did you hear Lone Star isn't going to make it? I LOVE Modern Family, so great. My list is too long to post here. ha :)

PursuitOfLLT said...

I wouldn't be able to live without DVR!!! Lone Star got cancelled. So mad!!

My DVR is:
-My Generation (OBSESSED!)
-Modern Family
-Top Chef
-The Whole Truth
-Vampire Diaries (total guilty pleasure)

Wow, I watch WAY too much tv!!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Modern Fam is SO husterical. Love GG too. I wanted to watch Running Wilde and My Generation but didn't DVR! :/

Amber Blue Bird said...

love modern family and Boardwalk Empire on HBO, great shows


I just watched Modern Family for the first time last week. I actually really liked it :)

Mine are:
Gossip Girl
Top Chef {right now the Just Desserts one}
All Real Housewives seasons
Jersey Shore
Rachel Zoe {done for season obvs but I'm just going down my DVR list}

Lyndsy said...


My Generation
30 Rock
The Office
Gossip Girl
Modern Family
Cougar Town
The Event....worth checking out for sure!

Simply Bubblelicious said...

There are so many shows I watch, it is a wonder I can get anything done. Love the start of fall tv!


Kristin said...

We always record The Office, Sons of Anarchy, and It's Always Sunny in Philly. Oh and Justified and Archer when they're in season. Can you tell we like FX? HA!

Alicia said...

I'm not a HUGE TV person, but Modern Family, Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives are my current favs! It's so nice to sink into the couch at the end of the day and just zone out! :)

Marcie said...

I am a HUGE TV person. Right now I am loving Dancing with the Stars (Go Jennifer Gray!), the Amazing Race and Jersey Shore. I am a reality show fanatic.

xo M

this free bird said...

You know where I stand on this Valerie...My Generation all the way!! So excited for tonight!!

Haven't seen Running Wilde yet, but given that my best friend Keri is in it - I know it'll be a hit :)


Annie said...

I think I will keep up with Modern Family again this season, but I have to try out the rest of your list still! I loved the original 90210 so, so much that it's hard to get into this new one. I'm really excited for the new Office and Always Sunny episodes tonight!
p.s. I'm determined to try the pb cookie recipe by Sunday at the latest.. will let you know how they come out :)

Marie said...

Grey's Anatomy. The Good Wife. Gossip Girl. Modern Family.:D

Happy Thursday!:D

***** Marie *****

Panda said...

I fell in love with Modern Family last year so every Wednesday I watch in the middle, Modern Family and Couger Town.

ps i left something for you at my blog today

MT Days & Nights said...

GG is my fave of course, but i want to start watching modern family

Bringing Pretty Back said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE modern family! hahhahahah!!
I am not sure about any other new shows as of yet I want to take a peek at.
Have a pretty day! Kristin

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I def have a TV problem...I am recording so many shows tonight that I have to have my parents even DVR programs!

Jess said...

Gossip Girl and Modern Family are at the top of the list. Also still watch Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. And loving Glee too.

style'n said...

Love 90210 (the old one and now the new one too) and Modern Family. I think I might have to give Gossip Girl and Glee a chance. I also love Rachael Zoe, Greys, and Private Practice.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I've been watching Running Wilde! I love Will Arnett! So far pretty good show!

Torrie said...

Hey there... A little late to chime in, but better late than never, right?? :)

-Biggest Loser (Never used to watch, but fiiiiinally started a couple of seasons ago, and now totally hooked.)
-Running Wilde (like it, but not sure if it'll make it!)
-A little daytime "talk"- (pick and choose an episode here and there or just put it on as background while cooking/cleaning)- Rachael/Dr. Phil/Oprah/Nate
-Parenthood (recommended by Stephanie, on my blog- and we now LOOOOVE it)
-Survivor (the drama & 'meanness' drives me a little crazy, but still watching!)
Amazing Race (love, but have gotten behind the last couple of seasons)
- Waiting for Mad Men in the mail!
- A bunch of cooking shows (Giada included:)

Oh, My Darling said...

Modern Family is so hilarious!!! Also, I've been getting into My Generation, as well. Good stuff!

caknitter said...

My Generation proved to me it was going to a good one after the first episode. Of course, Modern Family is the show I wait for all day. Love it!